Take a look at what's coming up next week on "Days of our Lives," airing on NBC.

Monday, January 6
Evan and Sonny share a kiss
Kayla presses Steve to tell her about the woman he loves
Ciara's confrontation with Victor takes a stunning turn
Xander threatens Ben

Tuesday, January 7
Eli questions Lani about why she threw a rock through Gabi's window
Kristen uses Gabi to get what she wants
Xander blames Ciara for Victor’s medical crisis
Brady learns about Victor's condition

Wednesday, January 8
Nicole lies to Kristen about her relationship with Brady
Lani confides in JJ, who offers his help
Gabi tries to cover her tracks with Eli
Kate warns Will about Evan

Thursday, January 9
Kristen is thrown when someone unexpected shows up on her doorstep
Brady decides to go along with Nicole's ruse
Xander warns Ciara to stay away from Victor
Jack rips into "Steve" and is perplexed by his brother's behavior

Friday, January 10
Ciara delivers bad news to Ben. Justin urges Victor to do the right thing regarding Ben
Gina squirms as John questions her about Steve
Stefano tests Kristen’s loyalty

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