Here's a peek at what coming up next week on "Days of our Lives," airing weekdays on NBC.

Programming Note: Dates are subject to change and preemptions may be possible due to NBC's coverage of the impeachment trial. 

Monday, January 27
Will and Ciara debate whether or not they should come forward with the truth
Sonny and Evan grow closer
Kristen stirs up trouble for Eric and Nicole
Brady and Kristen bond as they grieve over their daughter

Tuesday, January 28
John and "Steve" run into familiar faces as they search for Stefano
Kate realizes Marlena is in danger
Gina is rattled when Shawn arrives in Salem at Rafe's behest

Wednesday, January 29
Anna, Tony, and John are shocked when "Steve" lashes out at Anna
Kate confronts Gina about her and Stefano's plans for John and Marlena
Rafe is stunned when Shawn explains his theory about his mother's strange behavior
Chad grills Kristen about her meeting with Stefano

Thursday, January 30
John grows suspicious of “Steve"
Princess Gina tries to lure Marlena into a trap
Rafe and Shawn desperately try to track down Gina
A guilt-ridden Kate makes a confession

Friday, January 31
Believing Nicole is with Brady, Eric turns to someone else for comfort
Brady is thrown by Xander's urgent request
"Steve" informs Marlena that John is dead
Chad and Abigail make a startling discovery

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