'Days of our Lives' -- Spoilers Week of February 2

Here's a look at what's ahead next week on "Days of our Lives," airing weekdays on NBC.

Programming Note: Dates are subject to change and preemptions may be possible due to NBC's coverage of the Impeachment Trial. 

Monday, February 3
Xander is stunned when he finds Eric and Sarah in a compromising position
Gina consoles John over Marlena's "death"
Nicole comes clean
Chad and Abigail have many questions after discovering the portrait of "Stevano"

Tuesday, February 4
Sarah declares her love for Xander
Eric and Nicole reconcile
Brady and Kristen share a kiss
Ciara fears she's let Ben down

Wednesday, February 5
Sarah and Xander have a romantic evening
Gabi scrambles to keep control over Julie’s heart
JJ and Lani make moves to thwart Gabi’s hold over Julie
Eric moves back in with Nicole

Thursday, February 6
Ciara hits upon a new theory regarding Jordan's killer
Clyde pushes Ben to escape with him from prison
Rafe and Roman arrive in Prague to search for Hope and Marlena
Gina drugs John

Friday, February 7
“Steve” reveals his true identity to Marlena
Gina goes for broke to win over John
Abigail and Chad question Kristen about the portrait of Steve
Will helps Clyde and Ben with their escape plan

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