'Days of our Lives' Spoilers -Week of January 13

Here's a sneak peek at what's coming up next week on "Days of our Lives," airing weekdays on NBC.

Monday, January 13
Clyde suggests to Ben they break out of prison
Hattie causes complications for Kate
"Steve" reveals his true identity to Kristen
Ciara is blown away when Xander and Victor's secret is revealed

Tuesday, January 14
Abigail is surprised to find "Steve" with Kristen
Chad grows suspicious of Kate
Eli proposes to Gabi
Lani reveals to JJ what Gabi has done

Wednesday, January 15
Gina and Stefano devise a new plot to break up John and Marlena
Abe is stunned when Eli fills him in about Lani
Armed with a hidden agenda, JJ pays Gabi a visit
Julie has bold advice for Kayla

Thursday, January 16
“Steve” convinces John to leave town with him to hunt down Stefano
JJ attempts to disable Gabi's pacemaker app
Lani enlists Kristen's help
Kayla and Rafe compare notes on Hope

Friday, January 17
Xander demands to know what Ciara is going to do now that she knows the truth
Sonny visits Will in prison so they can sign their divorce papers
Eric and Sarah receive more bad news about Mickey
Kristen wants to talk to Brady about the day their baby died

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