'The Talk': Sharon Osbourne Talks Ozzy Osbourne's Parkinson's Diagnosis

Ozzy Osbourne went on Good Morning America Tuesday along with wife Sharon Osbourne to reveal that he has been diagnosed with a form of Parkinson’s disease.

Speaking with Robin Roberts, the Osbournes discuss the diagnosis and how Ozzy had been facing a variety of debilitating health concerns, among them nerve pain and other symptoms associated with the condition. The diagnosis came down in February 2019.

Later, Sharon appeared on "The Talk" to share the outgoing of support they have received since making the heartbreaking reveal.

Co-host Carrie Ann Inaba asks, "How does it feel to back at work now after you've shared your secret, basically?" Sharon responds emotionally, "Good to be with you guys, and to be with everybody here, who is a family. And, so I have a second family. I don't only have one, I have two. And just to have all this outpouring of positive reaction from everyone that watches the show, and our friends, it's heartwarming. And I know that Ozzy will be just over the moon. He will be taken aback.” She adds, "I thank you so, so much. We're not going to stop until Ozzy is back out there, on that stage, where he belongs. It was what he was born to do."

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