Robert Scott Wilson (Ben) stars on "Days of our Lives"  Photo: NBC
Robert Scott Wilson (Ben) stars on "Days of our Lives"
Photo: NBC
Take a look at what's coming up this week on "Days of our Lives." The Emmy-winning show airs weekdays on NBC.

Monday, March 2
Ciara tries to stop Ben's execution
Evan reveals his secret to Sonny
Kayla is horrified as Rolf suggests a new way for Stefano to have Marlena
Justin turns to John for help

Tuesday, March 3
In a race against time, Ciara and Will work to exonerate Ben
As the lethal injection begins, Ben has flashes of his life with Ciara
Kristen lays into Gabi
Xander is upset when he runs into Dr. Raynor, who knows about the baby switch

Wednesday, March 4
Ben flatlines
Rafe makes an appeal to Evan to find David
Nicole suspects Xander and Dr. Raynor share a secret
Maggie prepares to turn herself in

Thursday, March 5
Justin and Marlena meet with Stefano to negotiate Kayla's release
Roman blasts Kate for aiding and abetting Gina and Stefano
Chad falls under Stefano's spell
Jennifer has an intense confrontation with Princess Gina

Friday, March 6
John and Justin's plan goes horribly awry
Chad prepares to carry out his father's deadly wishes
Julie blasts Gabi for her actions
Eli and Lani's reunion is interrupted by unhappy news

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