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TVMusic Network is the premier site for lovers of TV, Movies, Music, Sports and Pop Culture Entertainment. 

Founded in 2009 by Phyllis Thomas who turned her lifelong dream of watching TV for a living into a reality.

Since then TVMusic Network has grown into the go-to site for the latest about the entertainment industry. We provide recaps, interviews, features, exclusive photos and video, red carpet, and special event coverage.
TVMusic Network Podcast with Phyllis and Belinda is the official podcast of TVMusic Network. TVMusic Network.net is an online magazine providing you the latest in entertainment news — including Television, Music, Movies, Sports, Pop Culture and more.

Listen to Episodes here: TVMusic Network Podcast with Phyllis and Belinda

Screeners, DVDs, Music Samplers for Review and Press Kits can be mailed to:

TVMusic Network
c/o Phyllis Thomas
8221 De Longpre Avenue
STE 23 GATE #1949
West Hollywood CA 90046

Although TVMusic Network appreciates other websites who share our content, we do not permit any site to copy and post our content in its entirety. You are more than welcome to include a brief excerpt and then link back to our site if anyone would like to read the full article. Thank you for your cooperation!

Interested in advertising with TVMusic Network, or have a question for us? Reach us at phyllis.thomas@tvmusicnetwork.net

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Our Team:

Phyllis Thomas - Founder/Editor-in-Chief 

Phyllis is a writer and podcaster living in Los Angeles, who covers all things television. Phyllis has freelanced for a host of successful online magazines over the years and founded TVMusic Network out of her love for TV.

When not writing, Phyllis can be found watching television, dining out, heading to a live music venue or searching for the perfect skinny vanilla latte. Phyllis can be reached at phyllis.thomas@tvmusicnetwork.net or phyllisfromtvmusicnetwork@gmail.com.

Follow her on Twitter @Phyllis_Thomas

Belinda Thomas - Music Editor

Belinda has been a huge music lover since the age of 8. She has been involved in the music business since 1992, working with labels (EMI, Atlantic Records), live clubs (House Of Blues) and Public Relations forming Entermedia Music. Contact Belinda at belindafromtvmusicnetwork@gmail.com

Follow her on Twitter @belindasLAMusic

Mel C. - Exclusive Photos

Prima - Contributor

Iris Ma - Contributor

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