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For advertising inquiries and rates, please contact Phyllis Thomas at:

For questions or comments, or to submit a tip, email us at

Music Submission & Review

To submit a piece for review:

1. Provide contact information that includes name, email, phone and location.

2. For music submissions, please include a professional photo. Quotes and summary detail about the submission is also welcomed.

3. Provide link to mp3 on a shared site with audio preview (eg. Soundcloud, Youtube, Hulkshare, etc) or email mp3 format ONLY to address below (This step may take weeks to preview).

4. For video, provide Youtube or vimeo link.

5. Provide a biography that is brief but gives the viewers an understanding of who you are as an artist.

Please email all submissions ONLY to

**Submissions may take a while before they appear on the site***

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